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Current Research

Research foci and fields of study in the Department of Religious Studies and Intercultural Theology

Major Fields of Study

  • Issues related to theory and methodology
  • Modern South Indian religious history [more...]
  • Esotericism  and New Religious Movements in a global context [more...]
  • Pentecostal/Charismatic Christianity, with a special focus on Asia, Africa and Latin America [more ....]


Current Projects with External Funding

  • (New) Research training groups with fellowships funded through the LGFG program: Global religious history from a regional perspective: Historicizing and decentering religious identities in the nineteenth and early twentieth
  • 'Western' and 'Eastern' wisdom. The influence of Anna Kingsford und Subba Row on the teachings of the Theosophical Society and on the Secret Doctrine

Previous Projects with External Funding


  • The position of Emanuel Swedenborg within the Enlightenment and esoteric discourses of the 18th century [more ...]
  • The contemporary encounter between Buddhists and Christians in Thailand [more ...]
  • The discourse on non-Brahmanical rituals and their transformation within the South Indian history of religions since the 18th century [more ...]
  • Religion, caste and nation: discourses of identity and power in Telugu journals of the 19th and 20th centuries [more ...]
  • Transnational Nigerian Pentecostal churches, networks and believers in three Northern countries [more ...]

Current Ph.D. and Postdoctoral Projects