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  • Workshop of the Tamil Studies Network 2013 - Final Programme

    "Rituals of Community and Political Ritual: The Making and Remaking of a Tamil People"

    Göttingen, June 7-8, 2013

    Held at the Centre for Modern Indian Studies (CeMIS), University of Göttingen

    Sponsored by SFB 619 "Ritual Dynamics" (University of Heidelberg), Subproject A6 and CeMIS

    Organisers: Gabriele Alex (University of Tübingen), Michael Bergunder (University of Heidelberg), Torsten Tschacher (CeMIS), Ulrike Schröder (University of Heidelberg) and Rupa Viswanath (CeMIS)


    CONFERENCE VENUE: Convention Centre by the Observatory, Geismar Landstrasse 11, 37083 Göttingen

    Full Programme as PDF-File

    Day 1: June 7 2013

    Welcome, self-introductions, lunch: 12:00-13:15

    Panel 1: Religion as the Sign of Tamilness


    “Buddhism Among Tamils”

    Peter Schalk, University of Uppsala

    “‘The Most Important Seat of Saiva Siddhanta Learning and Tamil Culture’:The Thiruvavaduthurai Adhinam and Other Networks of Popularizing Saiva Siddhanta”

    Rafael Klöber, University of Heidelberg

    Respondent: Michael Bergunder

    Discussion: 45 mins.

    Coffee Break: 15 mins.

    Panel 2: Identity: Linguistic and Otherwise


    “The Roots of Tamil Identity”

    Emmanuel Francis, CNRS Paris


    “Of Chinese, Klings, and Other Castes: Tracing the Making of ‘Tamilness’ from the Margins, 1819-1942”

    Torsten Tschacher, CeMIS, University of Göttingen


    Respondent: Nathaniel Roberts

    Discussion: 30 mins

    Drinks and dinner: 6pm (Bullerjahn Restaurant, Altes Rathaus, Göttingen)


    Day 2: June 8 2013

    Panel 1: Tamilness, Contestation and the Modern State




    “‘Pillars of Saivism’: Rituals of Community and the Making of Tamil Identity among South African Indians”

    Ulrike Schröder, University of Heidelberg


    “The Tamil Question - The Modern Roots of Sri Lankan Communalism” 

    Harshan Kumarasingham, Alexander von Humboldt-Fellow, University of Potsdam


    Respondent: Gabriele Alex

    Discussion: 45 mins.

    Coffee break: 15 mins

    Panel 2: “The Tamil,” Politics and Representation


    “Canvases of political competition: Image production as politics in Tamil Nadu, India”

    Roos Gerritsen, University of Heidelberg


    “Culture and Nation in the Rāmāyaṇa: C. N. Annadurai’s Reading of India’s Epic”

    Jonas Buchholz, University of Heidelberg


    Respondent: Rupa Viswanath

    Discussion: 30 mins

    Lunch: 45 mins.

    Roundtable discussion (planning future of network): 13:40-14:40

    Goodbyes and coffee: 14:40-15:15